“South Of Reality, The Claypool Lennon Delirium’s epic sophomore album might be just the antidote this sick world needs. Music so potent it could repel an asteroid impact from space. These seasoned warriors of psychedelia have crafted timeless songs that may as well be chiseled in stone. ” That’s what The Claypool Lennon Delirium write on their site.

To be honest, i caught a glimpse on Sean Lennon, on a Miley Cyrus & Mark Ronson performace during Christmas (performing a live cover of ‘Happy Xmas’) and i was thinking , what is he up to? Is it a promo of some kind, is something new coming soon? Maybe that was it!

Sean Lennon (multi instrumentalist and vocalist) and Les Claypool (bassist/vocalist from Primus) collaborate and release their second album and from the first listen, this sound is as psychedelic as it gets. It reminds me of other decades (Beatles maybe? a bit of Sowing The Seeds Of Love-Tears For Fears in a mellow mood?) or closer to Tame Impala. The thing is that there is no need for comparison, it’s just the feeling that music gets more interesting as years go by, so taking a step back, to more original sound, to another space, different lyrics, that might be good for humanity! There are two artists combining a perfect sound and delivering at last something interesting for our ears, taking us far away from the mainstream sound that conquers the charts, radio stations and music channels.

Check out their first single “Blood And Rockets” from their forthcoming album and reeeaaally enjoy this video. The combination between the sound and the graphics is awesome! This is the Tune Of The Week.