Disco is the club music for 2020! “In My Arms” is the Tune Of The Week from Purple Disco Machine

Purple Disco Machine is International DJ, producer and remixer Tino Piontek. I’ve written many times in this blog, about his excellent remixes, his great taste in music that rewrites disco the last decade.

It seems that Disco , mainly Disco House, is the club music for 2020. This genre mainly had too many hits from the late 90s till mid 00s (with Hed Kandi, Defected and Ministry Of Sound having some of the most wonderful releases, now considered as classic club anthems). But it was about time that Disco House found its’ way again on the clubs and the charts. The last years there has been a serious discussion with many DJs , playing some gems from the 70s and 80s, that are with no doubt dancefloor bangers. The art of making a remix work on the floor is great and Purple Disco Machine has delivered some of the greatest of the last decade + a great album!

In My Arms’ features a sample from Inner Life & Jocelyn Brown ‘I Like It Like That’, a 1982 classic tune. It’s as uplifting as we like it and it’s the Tune Of The Week. This tune will be on the main DJ set for the whole year and definitely paves the way for our summer 2020 playlists.

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