Undeniably one of the best voices of our generation, two-time GRAMMY Award winning singing sensation Gregory Porter has announced an April 17 release date for his sixth studio album ALL RISE. The album’s uplifting lead single is “Revival”.

“This is straight-up gospel. This what I heard in church. When somebody caught the Holy Ghost this was the beat,” says Gregory of “Revival,” which was co-written with the album’s producer Troy Miller (Laura Mvula, Emili Sandé, Jamie Cullum). “Troy knows the importance of message in music, but the message that we both agreed on with the lyric was what I believe in, that renewal of the spirit, of life’s energy. It’s both heavenly and earthly. You don’t have to be a believer to understand revival and renewal, starting all over again afresh. For me, it’s the message of walking into this life and having some fear and some self-doubt, and at the point that you grab onto something that you know is real, the truth. Once you can grab onto the truth then this fearlessness comes.”

The powerful new music video for “Revival” was directed by Douglas Bernardt and stars dancer Jemoni Powe. “I wanted the video to have an important political message too,” says Gregory, “which is why we chose to honor the young man from Baltimore, Freddie Gray, at the beginning. There are so many things in life that can get you down and make you feel small, whether it be racism, self-doubt, insecurity, or financial situations. It’s about finding your source of strength to bring you back to seeing who you truly are so that you can be restored to the giant that you are.”

(from bluenote.com)

This is the Tune Of The Week from one of my favorite artists and voices of the last decade. And may I say that with releases like this one, he’s heading to become a voice of our generation. Have a listen to ‘Revival’ and watch the amazing video below.