Can you tell a tale through a music playlist? Of course you can, it’s the most exciting way to speak, other than words. Music, apart from the lyrics, contains all the feelings, all the emotions. It drives you, puts your mind on a trip. And then the lyrics rush in to narrate the whole scene, to bring you memories, put you on hold for a while. Or put you in a mind travel where time and space don’t really matter.

There are many stories to be told through music. Here’s ‘A Love Story’. When love hits you, you don’t understand it from the very beginning. After some time you realize it, from your everyday little things that you didn’t use to do. Maybe sometimes it isn’t supposed to be how you actually imagined, but imagination is not reality. It is though, what you really needed, what you asked for. Everybody has a different story to tell, as everyone is different, other cultures, everyone tells a tale from own point of view.

This is mine…. Enjoy it through 4 hours of soul music. 50 songs in the right order. 50 tunes from the best voices in music culture, driven by their soul and feelings to compose and record those gems.