The smile on Dr. Dre’s face throughout the whole performance is exactly what this year’s Super Bowl Halftime show is about. It was a party with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J.Blige, Kendrick Lamar and of course the unannounced perfromance of 50 Cent and Anderson. Paak on drums! That was a set full of hits, that was a party session full of classics and they couldn’t deliver it better in 14 minutes time.

Dr. Dre set up a whole studio, all in white, on the roof top being the producer, maestro and the icon he is. Accompanied by Snoop Dogg they opened up the show with “The Next Episode” and continued with “California Love” with too many chills on the stadium and for all of us watching. Then the club took place with 50 Cent revisiting the video performance of “In Da Club”, undoubtedly one of the greatest hits till this day, from 2003.

Mary J.Blige took the stage in an almost disco outfit performing “Family Affair” and “No More Drama”, reaching every woman on the audience with her heartbreaking performance.

The Pulitzer winner Kendrick Lamar gave an extraordinary perfromance, as he usually does, with “Alright” surrounded by ‘Dre Day’ bleached hair dancers and a very strong political statement. Which of course became a lot stronger from Eminem (the most selling rapper of all-time) who at the end of his “Lose Yourself” performance took the knee, to stand with Colin Kaepernick. A gesture that the NFL forbidded him to do. But of course it’s Eminem, no limits are allowed here. The drum sessions was also an extra, nobody expected, with Anderson. Paak being at his best and all smiles enjoying the session and the legendary moment with Eminem.

Dr. Dre to finish what he started, took a step out his great white console studio and sat down at the piano playing a riff of 2Pac’s “I Ain’t Mad At Cha” and of course the title end came with “Still Dre”.

That was a huge party y’all. A huge party with only hits delivered, all smiles from everyone in there and memorable performances. This year’s Halftime Show was what hip-hop is all about and it was held on a Compton town map. That was music history on NFL, not just a show to have fun. It was a music history party lesson , full of hip-hop.