1st Tune Of The Week for 2020: Stormzy feat. Ed Sheeran & Burna Boy “Own It”

Own 2020, like Stormzy owns the No.1 position in UK Singles Chart!

This is the return of ‘Tune Of The Week’. It’s been some time, but… it’s 2020 and we got some really great tunes released. So, TOTW is back in its’ position for all the music lovers accross the globe.

Stormzy collaborates one more time, with Ed Sheeran. And of course it’s a hit! It’s a No.1 hit in UK singles chart, to be accurate, the first one (non-Christmas) for 2020. For the new year, for the new decade. They also bring the newcomer Burna Boy for a hook. The single is found on Stormzy’s second album ‘Heavy Is The Head’. This is mid tempo tune, with a chorus that sticks in your mind, great hooks… and is leading the TOTW and the new year. Own It!

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