Darkness, after listening to ‘Memento Mori’, switched on a light because it was too dark! But perfect dark!

Depeche Mode release their fifteenth studio album “Memento Mori” (translated from latin: remember, you have to die) and the world is listening. Moreover following the death of Andy Fletcher, we expected to listen to a deeper, darker sound in this album and yes, we did! With James Ford on production (Gorillaz, Florence & The Machine, Arctic Monkeys, Jessie Ware, Foals and more) they join forces again after their collaboration on “Spirit” and the sound is just right.

Dave Gahan and Martin Gore join forces once again delivering a perfect album, no skipping tracks. “Memento Mori” has it all, great vocals from Dave, great music from Martin, you can’t even think of anything wrong in all this. At first listen, it goes straight to your soul, ripping it out, it’s as dark as it gets, it’s got many thoughts collected in one masterpiece album.

With the opening track “My Cosmos Is Mine” , you definitely get the point of what is going to follow on the whole album. The icons DM deliver once more their deeper thoughts with a production that sounds cinematic at many points, elements that play a game of chess with your inner brain. Flawless.

I really loved (my favorite) “Don’t Say You Love Me”, repeated “Caroline’s Monkey” , “My Favorite Stranger” too, apart from the singles “Ghosts Again” and “My Cosmos Is Mine”.

Listen to “Memento Mori” from Depeche Mode below, don’t skip a track, and have a great listening experience with it.

The video for “Ghosts Again” in black and white, is ace and directed by Anton Corbijn, who’s been directing some of their greatest videos since “Black Celebration” era. Enjoy watching below.